It’s been a busy year at Inspection².

Here’s an overview of some of our most exciting highlights of 2021.

2021 in numbers…

This year 2021, Inspection² software platform has processed 1,000,000+ files and ingested over 10,000 GB of data

We helped our customers inspect 442% more assets, across 42 countries. Our user base continues to grow by over 171%, year on year.

100,000+ objects have been labelled and fed into 35 Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) that trained 46 Billion parameters, performing condition assessments and analysing industrial assets for defects and anomalies across the Oil & Gas, Telecommunication and Transmission and Distribution sectors.

And other good news…

Inspection² was a finalist of the AI data challenge initiative led by Elewit and the Department of Line Maintenance of Red Eléctrica de España to develop the image processing platform required by the DALIA (Detecting Anomalies in Lines Inspection Autonomously) project.

Our strategic partnership with BluePrism to deliver a pioneering end-to-end automation. Inspection²’s AI processes combined with Blue Prism’s intelligent automation solutions to support Tower Companies and Telco Operators to monetise 5G.

We were featured in…

Podcast: How Intelligent Automation and Drones Can Assist in the Rollout of 5G

Webinar: How to reduce 5G deployment time by up to 80% using intelligent automation

Digital Leadership Forum: From legacy RPA and single bots to AI and true enterprise intelligent automation

Inspection2 2021 Year in Review The Highlights

On behalf of the Inspection² team, thank you for an amazing year. Have a great year ahead and keep an eye out for more exciting news from us in 2022!

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