Serving the Worlds’ Most Critical Industries

Inspection² software is helping ensure the availability of some of the world’s most critical industrial assets and infrastructure, from bridges, electrical transmission towers, oil/gas production facilities, to pipelines, tank terminals, substations and telecom towers.

AI Corrosion Detection saves 98% of Time on Offshore Fabric Maintenance

Learn how Inspection2 AI corrosion detection technology helps Oil & Gas supermajor client save 98% time on their offshore fabric maintenance campaign

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Reducing Onshore Oil & Gas inspection risks with AI & Computer Vision

Read how we replace and automate inspection checklists with AI and Computer Vision solutions, reducing onshore Oil & Gas inspection risks

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Transport Infrastructure

See how Inspection² improves maintenance efficiency for transport infrastructure in London, saving cost and optimising maintenance.

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Power Transmission & Distribution Inspection

See how Inspection² automates Power lines Transmission and Distribution inspection in the EU, driving asset availability.

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Cell Towers/Telecoms Inspection

See how Inspection² digitises the Telecoms asset lifecycle in Japan, delivering engineering and field operations efficiency

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Solving the TSO Data Challenge: AI anomaly detection on power lines

See how Inspection² optimise the analysis of data of images captured during the high voltage power lines inspection using Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence and detect multiple defects in the power lines infrastructure to

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