Digitising the Telecoms Asset Lifecycle in Japan

Telecoms operators globally continue the drive to reduce cost and increase efficiency in field operations while dealing with huge asset volumes across their life-cycle. Equally operators have a huge opportunity to use Industry 4.0 technologies to bring significant automation delivering cost and risk reduction. Digital twins, remote engineering and inspection automation offer major performance improvements for activities from build to maintenance to upgrade and integration with new products utilising 5G. NTT West required solutions covering both towers and bridges to get a holistic view on their assets.

Inspection² Delivers Engineering and Field Operations Efficiency


Quickly generate 3D digital twins of towers and other data types enabling remote teams to plan and engineer builds or upgrades using measurement and other tools – get projects right first time


Automate equipment audits generating current, consistent inventory data and automatically identify new component that was fitted since last survey


Automatically analyse condition of towers and equipment using AI to identify defects, access and safety issues


Enterprise scalability and integration mean that Inspection² can integrate with ERP or EAM applications delivering wider automation benefits

Get Started With Inspection²

Inspection² is designed and engineered for the industrial inspection world. Start making more informed decision with better data using the power of AI, Automation and Digital Twins

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