Automating Oil and Gas Offshore Inspection Globally

Offshore Oil and Gas operators are constantly managing competing priorities around Integrity Management (IM) including Personnel on Board (POB) limits, Fabric Maintenance backlog and planning. Large volumes of inspection data are held in different systems and effectively stranded. Having the information to make plan efficiently and make informed decisions controlling cost and risk is a challenge. Our work with offshore operators covers the UK North Sea, offshore South East Asia,  Australia, South America, West Africa and the Middle East.

How Inspection² Improves Integrity Management Performance


Generate actionable insights from automated analysis of large inspection data volumes using AI

Identify and prioritise tasks by automated detection of defects (e.g. corrosion) combined with component identification (e.g. pressure system and structural elements)
Deliver powerful management information on defects, trends and asset condition, across single or multiple facilities
Visualise contextual asset condition data in a 3D environment to enable analysis and planning

Instantly find previous data on selected defects, compare over time (e.g. corrosion growth) and enable predictive analytics

Get Started With Inspection²

Inspection² is designed and engineered for the industrial inspection world. Start making more informed decision with better data using the power of AI, automation, digital twin.

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