2020 has shown that the world can change at any moment. It has forced businesses to innovate and accelerate their digital and data transformation. To achieve this, enterprises need a scalable AI platform that is agile, meaning API-driven, cloud-based and built on modern technologies to unlock the value of their data and produce actionable insights. Enabling businesses to automate processes and accelerate decision-making at scale.

Our Inspection² software is a mature and well-established product that was launched in 2014. The breadth and depth of the software reflects the investment, development hours and commitment of the entire team over the last 6 years.

Having worked on the most challenging industrial asset problems, we understand that AI is only one part of the solution to automate the analysis of industrial assets. Success is a combination of advanced tools and techniques including geo-positioning, computer vision and the ability to process a vast range of data types from multiple sensors.

Scalable AI requires industrial data expertise

As a purpose-built platform for industrial assets we have applied laser-sharp focus to the development of our product. It is important to recognise that we are not a general project management or drone software company – what we do is highly specialist. Our ability to solve real-life business problems stems from the depth of our understanding and knowledge of customer requirements and how to integrate our AI and machine learning as part of the end-to-end business process and workflow.

We have deliberately pursued a single-market roll out strategy, starting with Oil & Gas then moving into Telecommunications then Transmission & Distribution for this very reason; ensuring we clearly define the parameters required for the AI and machine learning modules to operate effectively – not just as modules in their own right but within the specific and localised business context.

When you leverage our product, you gain access to valuable lessons learned from a wealth of industrial logic — years of professional industry experience and historical asset knowledge.

Addressing verticals one after the other in this way has enabled us to implement best practices and learnings, ensuring we continuously improve and optimise our product and ensure it is ultimately solving problems engineers and users are facing.

Development that meets critical needs

6 years of development and direct sector experience has also provided the opportunity to develop a clear appreciation of what makes the go-to-market successful. We always seek to understand the customer’s business case early in the process, to make sure there is a good fit between the requirements and the capability. Matching the customer pain point with their infrastructure and asset volume and aligning our product roadmap and software customisation are all critical success factors.

As a result of this approach, we have developed deep business domain knowledge and embedded into new releases customer feedback from all phases – from data capture to upload, digital twin creation and various analysis tools and reporting that are integral to the software’s usability and effectiveness. This delivers a seamless end-user experience for technical and non-technical users alike

We also have an extensive onboarding process that helps the customer and users make the most of our product and improves user experience including training, stress testing and software releases. By supporting the training of super-users in this way, across a flexible and secure architecture, our customers can achieve significant operational efficiencies across distributed asset bases, very quickly. 

As an independent company, we are agnostic to the data capture method, 3rd parties and OEM vendor which has the benefit of keeping each side of the vendor-customer partnership focussed on the right solution, not simply the solution you happen to be able to sell.  

We are extremely proud of this heritage and the years of focus which have resulted in a scalable AI platform that is best-in-class from a technical perspective and is delivered by a business that responds with the highest levels of integrity to meet our customers needs, no matter how complex.

Nga Tran

Nga Tran

Head of Product & Marketing

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