In this series we find out who is behind the scenes at Inspection².

Our resident Doctor, Dr Thomas Moranduzzo, is Head of AI and Computer Vision. He plays a vital role in our software strategy and development – by ensuring we are highly responsive to our customers’ needs and through a clear understanding of future requirements as industry demands shift and AI algorithms evolve and develop.

We caught up with Thomas who is based in Rome, to ask him a few questions over a virtual espresso…

Where did you train?

I received a Ph.D. degree from the University of Trento, Italy, where I developed several algorithms for the detection and recognition of objects (e.g. cars and solar panels) in UAV images. In my Ph.D. research activity, I also had the opportunity to work on projects related to the monitoring of urban and forest areas exploiting different kinds of UAV images (visible and thermal). During my studies I developed a strong interest in the automatic processing and analysis of remote sensing images, either collected by satellites or by other acquisition systems.

How did you make the shift from study into work?

Since studying at university, I have always been fascinated in the use of Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence algorithms to solve real-life problems. Inspection² works in really challenging industries, with complex asset structures. The problem-set is unique to each customer and industry and I find this really fascinating and so begun my journey working as part of the business.  

What do you like about working at Inspection²?

Every problem we are asked to solve needs a specific solution. This means that we must approach all these problems from a different angle by applying varied techniques. Sometimes we can take advantage of our past experience but most of the time we must study and learn different things. Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence fields are in constant evolution and every day new approaches, libraries or software are available to the community. At Inspection² not only can I work on things I like, but I learn new things and stay constantly updated.

What is the hardest problem you have solved since working at Inspection²?

Nowadays, it is quite common to assume that AI can solve every kind of problem. Yet in our industry we know that AI is really a cog in a complex chain. For example, if the data you use to feed your AI algorithm or from which you want to extract information is not adequate, AI alone cannot create miracles. Once, we were asked to detect a specific object in a dataset of images but unfortunately, we were given just a few examples of this object to train an AI algorithm from our customer. We spent a lot of time trying to understand how we could restrict the problem and eventually we came up with a set of image processing approaches that let us isolate the issue without the use of any AI algorithm.

What do you do outside of work?

I am passionate about sports in general and in particular about mountain sports, I really love skiing and walking in the mountains. Whenever I can I try to go back to my hometown, right in the middle of the Alps, which is one of the best places in the world for skiing and hiking. I am also extremely interested in all kinds of space-related technologies that can help us monitor and protect our planet.

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