In this series we find out who is who behind the scenes at Inspection².

Nga is our Head of Product and Marketing. We caught up with Nga, to ask her a few questions and enquire about her resident squirrel (yes really) …

What do you love about product design and development?

My journey with Inspection² started back in 2018 as Head of Product Marketing for drone technology. The commercial drone market was taking off. Everyone was talking about how drones make the industrial inspection market safer, cheaper, and faster. Back then, the team focus was split between drone services and the software but in mid-2019, Inspection² was spun out as a software specialist.

I was given the challenge to give our software a major facelift (UI/UX redesign). We wanted to help our users get the most out of the powerful Inspection² platform by keeping it easy to use yet a serious engineering tool. We overhauled the whole software in less than 3 months.

I like the fast pace, developing solutions to help our clients solve their most complex business challenges. As a curious person, I am happy to be able to learn new things and explore cutting-edge technologies that could be applied across industries.

The best part is bringing the solution to life and seeing the benefits they bring to the client.

What is the main focus of your role at Inspection²?

I see myself as a bridge between the customers and the technical team.

As a Product Manager, I always speak to end users and listen to their feedback to understand what matters most to them. I then review with our team to make sure it aligns with our development roadmap. This process of constantly learning, listening, questioning and adapting, helps bring forward the product features that meet customer needs and give our software a competitive edge.

What is the culture like in the business?

Customer focussed; this cannot be stressed enough! People talk a lot about ‘knowing the market’ and doing user research, but unless you are out there talking to the client about their processes, workflows, day-to-day pains — you’ll never get to know how you can help them. We work very closely with customers to understand their business case. Our goal is to deliver impact, helping our customers achieve real-world success with our software.

The company’s culture is flexible and encourages team members to take the initiative. There are always opportunities to learn, to grow, and to develop yourself at Inspection².

Where do you think the product/business will be in 3 years’ time?

Our aim is to drive towards full automation. We have already started working on it. This ‘automate workflow’ provides automated reporting by exception. It means that once the inspection data is dropped into the software, it then generates the inspection report alone, based on pre-defined business rules and only alerts a human when there is an anomaly detected. So, stay tuned!

What has been the most memorable thing about lockdown for you?

One of the small silver linings is that I’ve had more time to focus on my well-being. When I was working in the office, it was challenging to find a time to exercise during the week. Working from home, instead of spending time commuting, I can now spend time exercising almost every day and running on the weekend. I also got to know our resident squirrel – my office has a garden view so I can see our little friend when he comes to visit!

Meet our resident squirrel

And finally, what is your favourite thing to do outside of work?

Outside of work, you are likely to find me traveling or working on a new baking challenge! In total I have visited nearly 40 countries. Although travelling is paused for the moment, I look forward to catching up and exploring new local cultures and cuisines next year.

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