In this series we find out who is who behind the scenes at Inspection².

Meet our CTO, Adrian Karl. 

We caught up with our Chief Technology Officer to ask him about his vision of Inspection² technology, and in the process discovered his pet hate (and no, we don’t mean cats or dogs!)

Talk to us about your professional journey. How did you become the CTO of Inspection²?

That’s a long journey! I started out in computing in the 1980’s when PDP 11’s were the exciting thing and DOS hadn’t been written yet. My career was focused on designing and developing software for a broad range of companies. However, I only worked for commercial organisations, my drive was to see how software and technology could be used in businesses, to either save more or make money.

From there it was into technology centric businesses, where what you sold as a product was the technology you built. So, the next 20 years were spent in mobile telecommunications and internet companies.

At that stage of my career, I went where the work was the most interesting and challenging. So, I have worked all over the world and switched between big global roles and start-up projects.

But I am hands on person, and I like to know the detail, so in the last 10 years I have focused solely on technology starts-ups. Which, in October 2014 led me to take the CTO role with Sky-Futures, from where I became the founding CTO at Inspection².

What do you most love about your role?

The application of new technology such as Artificial Intelligence and Virtualisation. However, the software and technology must solve real business problems or create new business opportunities. My pet hate is people inventing technology for technology’s sake.

What are you most excited about for the business and the industry next year?

From a customer perspective, we have three particularly exciting customer projects (one Telecoms, one Electrical, one Oil & Gas) which are very progressive and very aggressive in their goals. We like that as they will be using our software to the full.

In terms of internal developments, we have a leading-edge programme of work around AI. The customer projects always come first and what we want to do with AI is radical, so it will be the end 2021 before anything is announced to the market.

How has lockdown impacted the way the technology at Inspection² has evolved?

It hasn’t really. As a software development company, we are used to working remotely with distributed teams in different countries. Our customer base is made up of global companies and corporates who are used to conference calls and distributed suppliers and supply chains.

Our mission to deliver full industrial asset automation via software remains the same, the potential savings are massive and there is no reason to change that direction due to Covid.

We understand you are huge fan of red wine, what’s your favourite and why?

Margaux 1985. We were standing in our new offices, which were still being built and drinking out of plastic glasses, yet with all that against it, it’s one of the best wines I have ever tasted!

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