Automating Oil and Gas Onshore Inspection

Onshore operators are facing the challenges of increasing costs with thousands of assets to manage across thousands of square miles. For wellhead, this means millions of miles driven and hours spent visiting sites, exposing people to significant risk. Our projects in the Permian basin, Texas and Bakersfield, California are automating real results from field data.

Inspection2 AI report for Onshore Oil and Gas

How Inspection² Reduces Cost And Risks

Inspection² AI automates the inspection checklist, delivering reporting by exception across thousands of assets with millions of data points

Identifies issues such as liquid and gas leaks, corrosion, thermal anomalies, tank levels and security issues
3D visualisation presents a rich information environment for operators to investigate and identify problem

Inspection² supports drone technologies capable of remotely monitoring hundreds of sites per day and processing the huge volumes of data generated

Enterprise scalability and integration mean that Inspection² can integrate with ERP or EAM applications delivering wider automation benefits

Get Started With Inspection²

Inspection² is designed and engineered for the industrial inspection world. Start making a better decision with better data using the power of AI, Automation and Digital Twins.

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