What does partnership mean for our business?

Partnerships mean everything to our business. When we think about partnering, we try and marry up our key strengths with those of a prospective customer. The resulting partnership must be stronger than the sum of the parts, otherwise it isn’t going to be a focus for either party.

Cultural and corporate values also need to be aligned, as without these there isn’t an open and inclusive environment in which we can achieve our goals. As a business we work on and solve hard, complex problems and need to ensure that there are no other distractions getting in the way.

Marrying deep customer insight with fresh perspective

We are technology experts. Specialist innovators in industrial automation. But nobody knows our customers’ needs better than our customers’. I remember when I was working as a strategy consultant and being told by a Partner that you may think you understand a customer’s business, but they have spent the last 30+ years living it.

Inspection² brings cutting edge technology and with that a new perspective on what can be done today. Our Partners’ quickly highlight how our capability can be applied to directly solve their problem, or to build a more compelling joint solution for a shared customer that goes further, faster or deeper.

We integrate well with others. The future technology stack is modular and linked via APIs. We are 100% focussed on solving our customers’ problems and if that means integrating with a competitor – great.

We are confident in our technical ability to deliver today and more importantly to continue to innovate and deliver future value.

Both parties need to invest for success

We are here for the long term.

That’s why we take a partnership approach to our development – and we expect both parties to be invested in the process. We will push back hard on development requests that are not in the roadmap or supported by a clear business case.

Not so we only build what we think is right, but to ensure that all development is justified, prioritised, and executed well. We appreciate the need for robust discussions with our partners because we know they lead to better results for both parties.

In our experience this two-sided approach is what leads to the strongest partnerships with the best business outcomes.

Automation and integration solve the business problem

Our core product’s value comes to life when it’s integrated into a company’s workflow and systems. As a product company we strive for full automation both externally and internally. We want to reduce cost, friction and potential errors which occur when humans are involved in every aspect of the processes. A fully integrated solution truly solves the business problem, and we deliver that by working very closely with the teams involved.

It is even more critical when you consider the scale of the solutions we typically deploy and the scale and complexity of the businesses we partner with. Working for large global companies executing in multiple continents, means they typically have selected regional providers for raw data collection, and these are often supplemented by internal collection teams. We operate independently of the source of the raw data, providing data input standards and so streamlining any friction at this stage. This means faster rollout with increased accuracy.

Results that speak for themselves

To appreciate what can be achieved by working in this way, take one of the top 3 global telecommunications equipment providers as an example. Using automation, 3D visualisation and artificial intelligence (AI), our Telecom-specific algorithm has been applied to help accelerate and scale network rollout.

Specialist engineering processes have been automated and site survey time has significantly reduced, eliminating hundreds of hours of manual analysis on a large-scale and global asset base. Highly accurate measurements and 3D visualisations all support the creation of bespoke engineering reports that standardise the outputs and make operating at scale far more efficient.

The result is that we have reduced the time it takes to deliver 5G upgrades by more than 50%. For our partner, this has the capacity to transform 5G rollout schedules and create competitive advantage. And that is the power of partnership.

James Harison

James Harison

Founder & CEO

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