Automating Power Transmission and Distribution Inspection

Transmission and Distribution System Operators are facing increasing pressure to manage assets more effectively to assure availability while factors like renewables and smart grids are increasing operational demands. Many operators have hundreds of thousands of assets to manage and while they are data rich, many say they are information poor when it comes to making more informed asset management decisions. Working with Transmission System Operators we have automated certain tasks, like object identification proving inspections and maintenance can be done faster and more efficiently.

How Inspection² Drives Asset Availability


Manage high volumes of inspection data from hundreds of thousands of towers, substations and other assets


Automatically identify and classify common defects and anomalies like cracked or flashed insulators and corrosion among millions of images


Analyse both current and historical condition data from a variety of sources to identify defect growth and trends


Provide high-quality consistent data in 3D, improving decision making and enabling more effective field operations, reduce Time to Repair and spares inventory


By enabling the mining of datasets across the operator’s multiple regions, Inspection² is supporting efforts to enhance best practice in risk-based maintenance and asset management methodologies network-wide

Get Started With Inspection²

Inspection² is designed and engineered for the industrial inspection world. Start making more informed decision with better data using the power of AI, Automation and Digital Twins

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