Automate Telecom Site Inspection with AI 

Our Artificial Intelligence powered Telecom Asset Management software is a powerful business transformation tool with an established Telecom workflow

End-to-End Solution

Vendors, Operators and Tower Companies have distributed asset bases and high numbers of outsourcing agreements. This leads to complexities in data management, asset visibility and high management costs.

With an established Telco workflow, our Telecom Asset Management software has bespoke and highly accurate measurement capability for critical factors such as azimuth, tilt and manufacturer. It automatically analyses visual data from a range of sources including satellite, smart devices and photogrammetry. Pushing the boundaries of the possible, we support our customers in solving critical business problems through a highly scalable and configurable application.

We can help you to achieve

More accurate and faster digital capture of your assets

Produce a full Site Survey or Implementation report (2D & 3D graphics) with our digital twin technology, up to 3.5 days faster

Generate revenue and improve forecasting

Correctly identify billable active assets and generate a more accurate bill of materials through the automatic reading of bar codes and asset types

Reduce the mean time and cost of repair

Accurately identify early warnings of degradation and remotely identify replacement equipment requirements reducing truck rolls and time on site

See How It Works

See how you could achieve efficiencies in cell site inspection and maintenance at scale by leveraging AI, Automation and Digital Twin technology

Get smarter site inventory and remote inspection today

Inspection² software is helping one of the leading global telecommunications vendors to transform remote inspection and inventory.

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