Complex requirements need a highly flexible solution

Having a standard, out-of-the-box Asset Inspection and Management solution may fit some or even most of your needs today. But how will it meet the needs of your team in the next 1, 3, and 5 years?

We have been working to automate industrial inspection since 2014, when we incubated the Inspection² product inside Sky-Futures, a global Drone Services Business. Since the spin-out to an independent company in May 2019, we have provided our solution in three sectors: Telecommunications, Transmission & Distribution and Oil & Gas.

If there’s one thing that we’ve learnt, it’s that environments with highly complex assets require significant levels of flexibility and configurability. In other words, the ability to adjust and evolve as requirements shift over time. They need future proofing.

It’s why any given customer typically uses just 20% of our automation software’s vast technical capability.

Flexibility and configurability deliver future proofing

More than 6 years of intensive work has resulted in a platform with huge scope and a high level of configurability that helps to ensure we can easily add to and augment a customer’s current solution with new features in a matter of hours. Let’s see how that works in practice.

1. Maturity

Customers are all at different stages of maturity. Some want semi-automated reporting whereas some will want full automation out-of-the-box. We deliver solutions for both so that as the less mature customer becomes more confident with the technology, we can increase the level of automation and through this deliver even greater efficiency.

In addition, some sector specific capability will only be used for specific problems such as azimuth calculations and tilt angles. Whereas others like automatic corrosion detection and grading can be used in every sector (with some tuning for geography and sector thresholds).

Since all the capability is built, it takes minutes to configure the exact solution that a specific customer may need.

2. Cutting-edge technology

The Inspection² product provides several different digital twin options, including photogrammetry. When a recent customer wanted to compare photogrammetry technologies, we were able to integrate a new product within 3 days to support their requirements.

We don’t know when new technologies in and around our offering will be invented. But we do know we will work to make them accessible to all our customers as soon as they ar

One of the most important parts of our role, is working with our customers to explore and understand the limits of technology, but most importantly to ensure that it will fit their business requirements today and support what they are trying to achieve in the future.

Customer obsession leads to a highly developed roadmap

Nobody will understand the very specific challenges that an asset owner has, better than they do.

We are in continuous contact with our customers via workshops, weekly updates, and ad hoc meetings. Ultimately this informs the Inspection² product roadmap. Our investment in research and development and view of which features’ and functionality are important, is shaped by the insight and requests we get from our customers.

We actually take this one step further and partner with our customers too – we will see the first customer AI modules available on our platform in 2021.

This joint approach has several benefits. We can rank the real issues across our customer base, and deliver rigorous testing across multiple teams and departments, and then sense check them against the business objectives and strategy.

This results in a highly developed roadmap of features and functionality that we know are required now and will be much more important in the future.

First and foremost a cutting-edge Product company

As you’ve learnt, we focus on solving technical challenges that enable us to automate industrial inspection in highly complex environments. We translate problems into solutions, delivered through our AI industrial inspection automation software – which is all made possible through continuous investment in R&D and a relentless focus on working closely with customers.

We understand that some customers have commercial reasons for configuring the platform in a certain way and others are open to understanding what their industry peers consider the optimal configuration and, in those scenarios, we are ready to advise.

Importantly – the flexibility is there and with high levels of configuration we can have a customer specific and branded solution in place in hours rather than months.

James Harison

James Harison

Founder & CEO

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